Conan Exiles hopes to fix Xbox One server connection crashes sometime this week


Yes, we’ve heard precisely this same thing before out of Conan Exiles, but if there’s been one constant, it’s that the issues with the Xbox One version of the survival sandbox have been a particularly tough nut to crack. However, producer Scott Junior once more promises that relief is in sight, specifically for Xbox One players that are crashing when attempting to connect to official servers.

“This week we have identified the error that causes clients to frequently terminate/dashboard a few seconds after they connect to a dedicated server,” reads the post. “We have a build that we are testing internally and with our external test department and so far the results are very promising.”

Once this new build has gone through its paces, it will head to Microsoft for certification and then for release as soon as possible. The window is sometime early this week.

In other Conan Exiles news, there’s been an update to the PC version that has updated security features for BattleEye, and in the more fun side of things the official Twitter offered up some chill beats to survive and dominate to. The important question, though, is where did that Exile get those headphones?

sources: official forums (1, 2), Twitter

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Is 2021 the year I get sucked back into the life-dominating maelstrom that is Conan Exiles? I almost lapsed and reinstalled it yesterday, but fortunately an unexpected ‘quick’ 8 Gb update to STO has prevented me from getting lost in Conan… for now. It’s dodgy though; my interest in WoW has temporarily waned after I hit 60 half way through Ardenweald, and we’ll have to see if I can get my head around STO enough to get back into a long star trek. Heh, I do love that Conan Exiles more than is good for me. :D