Fortnite and Verizon have put together an in-game stadium to celebrate the Super Bowl


It’s either time for the biggest football game in America or a reason to check out some superb owls. It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday and Fortnite is getting all up in the act thanks to a promotion with Verizon that has led to an in-game football stadium in Creative mode.

This new stadium, which is being lauded as the largest activation ever in Creative mode, features four football-inspired games and promises other “hidden surprises” for players. The stadium will also be host to a couple of livestreamed events that will feature a number of NFL players and professional gamers Myth and KittyPlays, all of whom will be playing a variety of games specifically created for the stadium. There will be two streams this week, broadcasting on Tuesday, February 2nd, and Friday, February 5th.

The vast majority of the press release talks up Verizon’s SuperStadium and its features in the NFL mobile app, a sponsorship of a concert, and the company’s $10 million donation to LISC to provide immediate financial support for businesses during the pandemic, all of which are fine and good, but we’ll focus on Fortnite’s continued inroads at being associated with everything ever. Even football.

source: press release

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Jo Watt

Ah. I haven’t really been paying much attention. Have they lost so many views that Fortnite is the only option to help promote watching over paid ppl run from one line to another or throw an oval air filled leather covered balloon?


Sign me up for checking out the superb owls. I like owls.

Kickstarter Donor

Noty. If I tune into anything it will once more be the puppy/kitten bowl. Truly, the most important of global IRL sporting events.

I’m just waiting for the fantasy league.