MechWarrior Online promises less grind, new ‘Mechs, and weapon improvements in 2021 roadmap


A couple of weeks ago some of the devs of MechWarrior Online outlined the multiplayer title’s update plans for 2021 including the release of a roadmap. That roadmap has since been shared, elaborating on the four so-called “themes” of each quarter’s development focus.

Most of the targets for the first quarter such as the removal of time-of-day in maps, reduced C-Bill recruitment costs for Units, and a change to the Cadet starting tier have been hit according to the roadmap. More updates are still to come in March, however, including a first batch of weapon changes, monthly missions for a free ‘Mech, and some new player video tutorials from the devs and the community.

Future plans outlined in the roadmap include more weapon updates as well as updates to maps and ‘Mechs; continued improvements to the new player experience; skill tree improvements; the promise of reduced grind; some new maps, ‘Mech variants, and ‘Mech chassis; and the potential for the game’s timeline to advance. There are a lot of things for MechWarriors to consider, so it’ll be worth a moment to check out the full roadmap.

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