RuneScape adds player-created Activity Pets and marks the Ninja Team’s anniversary with a quest


This week in RuneScape, it’s all about Ninjas and pets. Which sort of reads like Jagex is encouraging players to pet ninjas when the devs are actually talking about the addition of Activity Pets and a celebration of the Ninja Team’s first anniversary in the game’s weekly update post. Please do not pet the Ninjas. You can probably pet the Activity Pets, however.

On the subject of Activity Pets, these new additions are created by the playerbase and have a variety of unique characteristics to them. For example, Mune the Area Pet will appear only in certain areas at certain times to players who have completed Elite Area Task Achievements; Artemis the Compass Deer can only be obtained when players find a Golden Compass that drops from clue steps or opening caskets; and Richie the Fancy Magpie will follow only players who help him obtain 100,000,000 Gold pieces, and his appearance will change when even more wealth is collected.

As for the so-called “Ninja’versary,” that’s being marked with the new Tortle Combat miniquest that tasks players with checking out some tortles in the Varrock Sewers who look a little “different” after teleporting in from the Maw. Tortle Power!

Finally, this week’s patch notes feature some general quality-of-life improvements, the close of the Grand Party, and a variety of little bug fixes.

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