RuneScape offers a look at its upcoming avatar visual refresh


On the whole, RuneScape is a pretty nice-looking game, but flipping back through my own images from my run through the game for CMA I have to agree that the player avatars could do with a bit of a makeover. Luckily, that’s just what Jagex has in mind and what was shared in a recent developer livestream.

Why take this on now? On a fundamental level, the game’s engine allows the devs to do this, while having a visually interesting player avatar will make it easier for players to connect to their character according to the devs. As for what’s improving beyond simple mesh details, there are plans to include 16 male outfits, 16 female outfits, 62 hairstyles, and 18 facial hair options.

The rest of the livestream offered a closer look at how the devs are creating these refreshed avatars, which might be worth a watch of the embed below. There’s also a big gallery of images taken from the stream in a gallery embedded below as well, or if you’d rather just read the details instead then there’s the usual TL;DW synopsis.

Player Avatar Refresh First Look

sources: YouTube, Reddit

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Bruno Brito

They look good! Sadly they’re tied to playing Runescape :D


You don’t like anything. :p

Bruno Brito

My ex used to say that too.

To be fair, i’m like the entirety of the MMO scene: Lukewarm. I like some things that all games offer, but the games themselves tend to be mediocre. Runescape is rampant with microtransactions and the core game is a grindbag that has little to no personal/class customization, so…