Star Citizen’s Tony Z on how dynamic events will work in the game


It’s pretty easy to assume that the entirety of gameplay in Star Citizen will be player-driven in the sandbox, but the Assault on Stanton event — and more specifically this week’s Star Citizen Live — shows that dynamic events will also play a big role in terms of gameplay. Provided things go to plan, of course.

This week’s livestream featured Tony Zurovec, who talked up the dynamic events system, explaining that they are planned to be complete short stories that can either be local or have system-wide ramifications. The dynamic events system is tied to the Quantum background simulation tech, using some of the system’s data structure to build up missions. Incidentally, a live demonstration of the current Quantum build is planned by Tony Z sometime this year.

On the subject of the Assault on Stanton event, Tony Z outlined the challenges of the event’s creation as well as how applying “imperfect logic” to the turrets of the capital ships in the event was necessary to make the scenario winnable. Ultimately, the event has been helpful in terms of gathering data and applying lessons for future events, though when any of these events or other features are arriving is unknown; Chris Roberts has effectively put the kibosh on devs offering any feature release dates.

Dynamic events will be further refined once server meshing is complete, allowing the devs to take into account player actions and have events adjust accordingly according to Zurovec. There are also plans to have events escalate if players aren’t successful in countering them, like an incursion being allowed to happen and altering the area of space and changing variables for Quantum.

It’s a lengthy stream and Tony Z has a lot to say, so you can either take in the full livestream in the embed below or check out another fabulous synopsis from YouTuber The Noobifier, which is also embedded below.


source: YouTube (1, 2)
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