Warframe showcases new character and Railjack improvements in livestream


Digital Extremes is back on its livestream thing with the first broadcast of 2021 for Warframe, and this one has plenty to say about what’s coming to the game with the next major update.

In this update, known as Call of the Tempestarii, players can look forward to a brand-new ‘Frame by the name of Sevagoth, a community-crafted character previously known as Wraithe, which had its concept art first shown off at TennoCon 2020. This creepy new character uses his first three abilities to build up an ultimate meter that, when filled, allows him to engage his fourth ability — a summonable and controllable Shadow Form. Sevagoth will also be getting his own quest that promises “a nautical or Flying Dutchman flavor.”

The other tentpole attraction in this new update is the Corpus Railjack, which is also a reason for the devs to address issues with the content, which was referred to as “doing surgery to Railjack with a chainsaw”: Expect core Warframe gameplay like Oprhix Venom integration to be added to Railjack missions, improved rewards, missions feeling less drawn out, less grind, and the addition of Drydocks to more Relays in order to make forming squads feel more fluid. In addition, the devs are seeking feedback from players on other Railjack-related matters.

The livestream also touched on a variety of other update features like a look at Zephyr Deluxe, Revenant Deluxe, and Ember Deluxe; a preview of some attack animations for the much-anticipated Ghoul Saw melee weapon; a look at Nightwave Intermission 3; news on a Lunar New Year event and a Star Days event; some quality-of-life improvements to the Dojo system; and a preview of Octavia Prime. You can check out the full livestream below or read up the overview for more.


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