Battleborn has officially shut down completely


We’re sorry to inform you that if there were things you still wanted to do in Battleborn, you have missed your chance. Like, completely. As had been announced prior, the game’s servers have completely shutdown as of January 31st… and this shutdown is complete enough that even the single-player version of the game is no longer accessible. There is absolutely no way to play Battleborn any longer.

There was ample warning on this one, as the developers announced its shutdown back in 2019 with a planned final shutdown date at the end of January. Sure enough, as January ended, the servers were turned off. Our condolences to anyone who enjoyed the game and lost a well-loved title, and a few extra condolences to the players who logically assumed that owning the game with an offline mode implied that there would be some way to continue playing it with the servers offline.

Source: Twitter via MMO Fallout
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