Final Fantasy XIV brings more Blue Mage and relic weapon content with patch 5.45 today

No, this doesn't count.

It’s time to go fighting until you’re blue in the face… and then use that to learn a new spell. Yes, it’s another Blue Mage update in Final Fantasy XIV, complete with new quests, new gear, and new spells to learn from various enemies and bosses throughout the game. And yes, some of them will likely even change your existing spell setups, if the early survey of the log is anything to go by.

There’s more in the update if you’d rather not take part in limited job antics, though, primarily the addition of another round of relic weapon upgrades and the new content of Delubrum Reginae for players to take on. There’s also the newest (and final) Skysteel Tool step to further upgrade your crafting implements beyond their limits. Check out the full patch notes for the rundown and get ready to start crafting, fighting, and learning away ahead of the game’s major announcement happening this Friday.


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This is definitely the most demanding relic update of this expansion. Three steps and all of them pretty time consuming.

On the plus side, the new instance for Save the Queen is some of the most fun I’ve had in the game since I started playing in 2013. Loved it.


Considering the previous steps were walks in the park compared to Eureka (because you can just power through HW FATEs and then take your Squadron through level 60 dungeons for quick/no-stress runs), I figured that the next step would likely be more lengthy.

Dankey Kang

Obligatory whine about Blu being limited job