Guild Wars 2’s Lunar New Year events are set to go live today

So we’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that Guild Wars 2 is going live with its Lunar New Year patch today. The bad news it had an “unexpected technical problem” and is being held back for what will hopefully be only a brief pause while that’s fixed.

“The annual Lunar New Year festival is in full swing in Divinity’s Reach! Tyrians are celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Ox with fireworks, games, delicious Canthan food, and prizes. Check your in-game mail for an Invitation to Lunar New Year and double click the item to teleport instantly to Divinity’s Reach. Speak to Phaedra to purchase lucky envelopes, then light fireworks in the Crown Pavilion or sign up for a mount race. Finolla will transport you to the Dragon Ball Arena, and the Celestial Challenge Attendant will send you to earn the favor of the celestial animals. Complete Lunar New Year achievements to earn Lunar-Enchanted Gloves, Fortune-Shining Aureate weapons, and more!”

And of course, expect the traditional cash shop update, with a cloud chair and glider and an ox-skinned jackal. Patch notes are already live and promise updates to the yearly meta achievement, Celestial Challenge, and themed events.


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