Last Oasis’ latest update rebalances the essential act of blowing stuff up


It’s a smidge delayed, but it’s here today: Last Oasis is pushing out a big patch on Steam. Developer Donkey Crew says it’s holding back new VOIP options and fixes for “a few days” to get the rest of the update to players.

So what is in it? An overhaul to blowing shit up, largely because you guys were blowing too much shit up. Essentially, players were “weaponizing” exploding ammo meant for taking out War Walkers, and the studio needed to tone that down a lil bit – or at least provide some balance and counters.

“The way the mechanic currently works: explosive ammunition or ignitable resources can be detonated if inside a container. The amount of resources plays a major role on the achievable damage output, although it is limited to an extent, for obvious performance and balance reasons. When a container is severely damaged with fire damage, it will eventually catch on fire, and be ready to detonate all the bombs and other ammo inside (which can also cause gas to spill out of the container), and create an explosion damaging anything in its proximity, as well as possibly setting off more detonations if containers with explosives are nearby. When a container is set to detonate, it’s possible to extinguish the fire, and prevent the detonation altogether.”

The patch also includes some tweaks to grappling hooks, tracking, throwing weapons, bases, points of interest, and gobs more.

Last Oasis hasn’t posted the best numbers on Steam since its early access rollout last spring, dropping from nearly 15,000 to less than a thousand, though it seems to have perked back up to a peak of over 5000 through the holidays.

Source: Steam

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