Siege Survival: Gloria Victis announces an updated prologue demo for the Steam Game Festival

Oh, victis.

For those who have been following the development of Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, the standalone survival and resource management game set in the world of Gloria Victis, there’s about to be a big shift forward for the game according to the devs. Specifically, an updated prologue demo is due to release soon, ensuring it’ll be a headline title in the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition.

More details were shared on the game’s Steam page, outlining what’s new in the prologue. Players can look forward to expanded building mechanics that include the ability to cancel building orders and dismantle standing buildings, more balanced guard AI, more user friendliness and forgiveness for scavenger features, a rebalanced economy, and a new map extension.

In addition to this new prologue version’s impending release, developer Black Eye Games has entered into a partnership with Koch Media, which has “secured the future development of both Siege Survival and […] Gloria Victis MMORPG” according to a press release.

For the record, the upcoming Steam Games Festival will run between February 3rd and February 9th, so mark your calendars for some updated siege survival.

sources: press release, Steam
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