The Division 2 adds Resident Evil-themed outfits with the newest patch

President Pevil.

Have you ever been happily playing The Division 2 and thought that what you really want to be doing is enjoying the sweet murmuring cries of zombies from a Resident Evil game as you mow them down? Well, then… you could just play one of those games. There are lots of them available no matter what platform you’re playing on. But you could also get down with the new outfit event that the game is running from today through the 15th, giving everyone a chance to dress up in classic outfits from Capcom’s zombie-shooting franchise.

Speaking of shooting things, the patch also reduces optimization costs significantly, which should make it even easier to optimize your shooty-stick for bang-bang. There’s also native 4k 60 FPS support for players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S along with a plethora of bug fixes. You can check out the full set of changes in the official patch notes.


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Dug From The Earth

Id honestly rather them do an actual zombie event, than just add new outfits.

Kickstarter Donor

The opti station changes are solid, and I was surprised to see the dropped the crafting cost of turning normal materials into optimization materials by 50% too. It should be pretty easy to max out gear now…and then go back to waiting for a reason to keep playing once the manhunt/apparel even tare over : /