World War II Online’s 2021 roadmap includes bomber loadouts and halftracks


The conflict in World War II Online — also called Battleground Europe — doesn’t seem to be any closer to a resolution than it did two decades ago. Of course, that’s really good news for the game’s players, who love engaging in period battles on land and air.

There’s going to be a lot more options for fighting this year, too, thanks to plans by the game’s developers to bring out a bevy of new vehicles. These additions include the German Ju88-A4 aircraft, the Allied Wellington bomber, the SDKFZ 251-10 AUSF B, the Lorraine 37L Anti-Char, the zippy Panzerjager, the greatly requested M3 Halftrack APC, the Universal Carrier. Bomber loadouts are also in the works as a nice quality-of-life change.

Outside of vehicles, World War II Online’s 2021 roadmap includes development for integrated voice comms, the ability to change a mission’s target, and the discontinuation of the 32-bit client on April 1st. The team also has “a very special anniversary” planned for the MMO’s 20th birthday on June 6th.

If you’ve never heard of this title, then you’re definitely going to want to read up on The Game Archaeologist’s history of World War II Online.

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