Albion Online’s new Patch 13 adds the Use All button, updates Avalonian mobs, and refreshes the meta


There’s been a nice big patch applied to Albion Online, bringing a bundle of new updates to some of the sandbox MMO’s existing content and earning it the subtitle of the Rise of Avalon Balance Patch, which is a whole lot zippier than calling it Patch 13.

As that subtitle suggests, Patch 13 has applied tweaks to the game including some toughening up of Avalonian mobs; numerous changes to combat abilities across a wide range of weapons, armor, and equipment in order to refresh the meta in small-scale PvP and Corrupted Dungeons as well as a new Mace ability, a change to the Guardian Helmet, and reduced cooldowns for several battle mounts; and the practically deified Use All Button, which frees players from “the tyranny of endless clicking” and lets them use all of their Silver Bags and Tomes with one button push.

There are a few other updates to the game that are outlined in the patch notes and there’s been a hotfix to Razor Cut on the Bear Paws item, so players will want to click through those links for more.


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