Black Desert Mobile starts Path of Glory Season 3, Black Desert PC hands out lots of chocolate


Do you crave glory, or do you crave chocolate? Well, if you play both Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert on PC, you can have both thanks to the latest content updates for each version of the MMO. Why choose one or the other, anyway?

In BDO Mobile, Season 3 of Path of Glory has started, which introduces some missions that lets players earn an emblem and some extra Season 3 Entry Passes. As for the Path of Glory season, there’s a more challenging Rift 10 to take on, while the update has also started Season 3 of the guild-centric boss hunting Guild Rush, added a Primal Alchemy Stone, and introduced the North Valencia region among other things.

As for the PC version of BDO, there’s chocolate to be earned as players can get Hot Chocolate every day they log in, which can be traded to an NPC for even more chocolate that can then be traded in for Cron Stones. There’s also a new chain of Black Spirit Adventure Log quests that leads players to Contribution XP and various enhancement materials. The rest of the update adds a new Old Moon Grand Prix race course and makes a few class changes.

Finally, the PC version continues to entice players to transfer their accounts by offering free Shakatu Boxes. There’s also a video showing how to complete the transfer process below.

sources: Black Desert Mobile site (1, 2), Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Twitter, YouTube
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