Dauntless announces the removal of aethersparks progression currency from the in-game store


If you’ve been following the Slayer’s Path in Dauntless, particularly at the higher end of the scale, you know how important aethersparks are. For those who aren’t familiar, they’re a currency that lets players create an aetherheart and reforge their weapon to make their character stronger.

Up to this point, players could either earn aethersparks by playing the game or buy them from the in-game store. As of the upcoming 1.5.3 update, however, that will no longer be the case, with the devs at Phoenix Labs citing player feedback for the change.

Not only will aethersparks be earned purely from in-game means, but the devs promise that aetherspark drop rates will increase “substantially.” In addition, there’s also the potential for a system that lets players use aethersparks to purchase aetherhearts without having to reforge, but this adjustment will take some additional development time and internal discussion.

The announcement further goes on to discuss a reexamination of Dauntless’ commerce philosophy, while outlining the pillars of what drives additions to the game store and promising to keep things as transparent as possible.

“We’re in this to bring players together through awesome multiplayer experiences, and generating revenue is how we make sure that can continue to happen. When it comes down to it, this is how we keep the lights on in our studio and our employees (and their families) happy, but it doesn’t mean it should come at the cost of your experience.”

source: Reddit

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This is why I’m totally fine with spending money on Dauntless. A cash shop doesn’t really bother me when devs are communicating well and listening to feedback. It makes me feel valued as a customer and more likely to support them, whereas cash-grab devs will just make me dig my heels in and not spend a cent.

Malcolm Swoboda

I wish I was more into the monster hunting subgenre.


I am in shock , these guys need to be CEO’s of gaming companies.

Filippo Chinello
Filippo Chinello

After almost 20 years of being in the online game world i’m amazed to see a studio like Phoenix Labs, they keep listening and answering all the players feedback.

Yesterday we were in the general discord chat and a dev was answering a lot of questions about the game, taking suggestions and giving feedbacks on why things are the way they are and what are they thinking to change them for the better.

If there’s one thing this game lack, is more devs to keep up the work, because right now the content release ratio is quite slow and they all have to focus on few things at a time to finish them rapidly.

They had plans for full weapon reworks, like they did for the sword, but it’s paused because they need to focus on other things..
They were planning a new weapon but it is paused too
Cell rework is also paused…

They are currently balancing the whole game and all the existing content and perks before adding new significant stuff

(all info can be found on the dauntless chat of their discord)

Vanquesse V

They always seem to know what bothers their player base and tend to have really good solutions to the problems. I have huge respect for them