Final Fantasy XIV combines Valentione’s Day and Little Ladies’ Day into one event this month

Dear Blizzard, how are you? I am fine...

We realize that the event on the mind of every Final Fantasy XIV player’s mind right now is the announcement showcase happening on Friday, but another event is right around the corner on February 10th. Is it Valentione’s Day? Is it Little Ladies’ Day? Turns out it’s both, smooshed together into one mega-event with decorations varying between the city-states and time-based festive hangings in each of the housing districts.

The quest begins with Lisette de Valentione, who is experiencing problems (as she does every single year) in Old Gridania. Players can pick up two rewards this year: a festive Moogle cap with a heart-shaped pom to celebrate the season, or a similarly heart-pommed Moogle doll to adorn desktops, tables, or display cases. The event runs until March 8th, so you’ll have plenty of time to pick up the rewards as you set to the task of sorting out two holiday problems at once.


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