Magic Legends will launch with three worlds to explore


If you’re coming to Magic Legends without much prior knowledge of the card game, you might not know that the franchise is set in a multiverse of diverse locales. Cryptic is aiming to capitalize on this flexibility by rolling out different settings over time.

The studio announced this week that when it launches, Magic Legends is going to feature three worlds to explore. The three settings are Dominaria, a world rebuilding after cataclysmic events; Zendikar, a world that’s being reclaimed by nature; and Innistrad, a gothic world under assault by vampires and werewolves.

“Following years and months of narrative planning, we are excited to confirm that Magic Legends takes place in a time of building tensions: after the Great Mending of Dominaria, and before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet,” Cryptic said.

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