Wild Terra 2 plans to add in the map as it promises a growing team for development in Early Access

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The team currently developing¬†Wild Terra 2 – which just rolled into early access last week – is small. Quite small, in fact; it currently consists of four people, and the latest dispatch from the development team notes how challenging it was to bring the game to early access with such a small team behind it. On the bright side, the same dispatch promises that the team will be growing now, along with plans for an updated and comprehensive roadmap so players can see what’s on the agenda to be expanded and improved.

What is immediately on the agenda is also a map; specifically, it’s the world map functionality, with the map system planned to feature both a zoomed-out view of the world as a whole as well as a more local map for immediate navigation. That’s the first item on the agenda, but there are bound to be others; however, the team notes that roadmaps are plans rather than promises, and some things may not reach fruition despite earlier planning.

Source: Steam

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