Bluehole MMO Elyon shows off the new Slayer class


Do you ever get the feeling that two-handed sword classes in MMORPGs are less about actual swordplay and more about putting on glamorous light shows using a blade the size of a Boeing 747 wing? Because that’s exactly the vibe I got when I watched the reveal of Elyon: Ascent Infinite Realm’s latest class.

“It’s raining blood with the Slayer, a new class released in Korea,” Bluehole announced. “The Slayer will shed his own blood to bring down his enemies.”

As we all know well, suffering blood loss makes you a more effective fighter, provided that the Red Cross gives you a cookie afterward to bring your sugar levels back up.

And while the Slayer is all well and good for Korea, we are waiting in anticipation of hearing when Bluehole’s latest MMORPG will be arriving here in the west. Fingers crossed for 2021!

Source: YouTube
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