EVE Online commemorates the Massacre at M2-XFE with data and an in-game monument


We can now officially put a new marker on the annals of EVE Online history. The Massacre at M2-XFE, which was already shaping up to be a historic battle from initial reporting, has gotten a full and final report from CCP Games, outlining just how immense this fight ended up being with data and details.

In total, the fight took out 3,404 total ships, 257 of which were Titans, for a grand total of 29,111,604,784,863 ISK lost or $378,012 USD according to the average price of PLEX. To put the scope of the weapons committed to the fight into perspective, CCP pointed out that a single Titan is 2.6M tons and there were 1,304 Titans present at the Massacre; their combined mass was just a bit larger than a near-Earth object. The post also provided several graphs’ worth of data, outlining comparisons to other EVE battles in terms of ISK and USD destroyed, as well as further breakdowns of ship types lost and peak player numbers.

While the fighting in World War Bee continues on, the Massacre at M2-XFE is being officially commemorated in-game with the construction of a monument, which according to its designer is meant to represent the scale of the fight with its size as well as replicate the shape of a Keepstar — the structure that was at the epicenter of the fight.

The whole ordeal has won EVE yet another pair of world records:

source: official site, thanks to Wilhelm for the tip!
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