Atlas Rogues brings back Blackburn and PuP in its latest update


At long last, the greatest Freelancer from the original game has returned to Atlas Rogues. The magnificent mechanical robo-doggo PuP has finally arrived to the rogue-lite PvE title in its latest update. Oh, also Blackburn has returned as well, which is cool I guess.

Not only does this update bring the return of two characters but it also lets players in co-op share gear in a shared inventory and share talents that are unlocked on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are also some free new gold skins being handed out to early access adopters as a way of saying thanks, and a number of adjustments like increased block chance while in cover, better damage reduction for attacks that glance, less acting defense while dodging, and a variety of other bug fixes. You can read all about it in the patch notes.


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Wollomby Rowsdower

Now that we have Pup, all we need is multiplayer co-op pvp!


Pup! I had this on my wishlist back at Christmas and didn’t buy it at least partly because Pup wasn’t there. Now, I can revisit that choice :)