Crowfall discusses tutorial progression and campaign scoring changes in latest livestream


The devs of Crowfall — specifically J. Todd “Bono Glasses” Coleman and Thomas “Ultrabeard” Blair — had a lot to talk about in a recent Q&A livestream, discussing current and future plans for the throne war MMO’s beta.

One of the primary topics was onboarding new players, pointing out that the Infected worlds have been rebuilt but they’re not balanced accurately and will be addressed, particularly since the God’s Reach worlds are currently more efficient in getting through the early levels; Coleman pointed out that God’s Reach is intended to only be played through by a player’s first character and not necessarily their alts. On the subject of improving the Infected, a slide was shown that details intended flow through the campaign as players move through areas with less protection and are guided on how siege and capture mechanics work.

The devs also talked about planned campaign win condition adjustments, which will bring a new emphasis on making conquest point earnings mandatory and the three “victory card” win conditions — Wealth, Power, and Glory — optional instead of needed to win a campaign. This will require adjustments to some of the cards, but Coleman believes that this overall change will put the focus back on territory capture.

Other highlights of the stream include how players have taken to the game’s new attribute point system, a video showcasing a refreshed visual entry into Crowfall’s lobby, a showcase of several slides for the in-game Crowpedia and its functionality, and looks at some new powers being added to the Talent Tree, mounts, and emotes. You can take in the full broadcast below.

source: Twitch

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Francis Baud

“One of the primary topics was onboarding new players […]” Great! New player experience is very important to get it right for player retention. If they can make it fun enough CF is going to benefit a lot imo.