OSRS expands the Isle of Souls and discusses equipment balance as Jagex’s CEO talks about its new owner


We’ve got a tale from both sides from the same RuneScape coin — the gaming side and the business side — so let’s get cracking.

On the game side of things, Old School RuneScape has added more to the Isle of Souls with new areas, new monsters, a new dungeon, and new amenities, while a recent dev blog post talks about plans for equipment balancing such as raising required skills needed to wield certain weapons and planned nerfs and buffs to various weapons and armor.

On the business side, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell spoke with GI.biz about the company’s wildly convoluted ownership, particularly its new stewards the Carlyle Group. In the interview, Mansell lauds Jagex’s ability to maintain growth and develop its games while keeping “[the acquisitions] away from the people that really mattered,” and further promises that their new owners will allow the studio to be more ambitious than it has in the past.

“With Carlyle, we have a number of different benefits now. We have the confidence and support to really go for it and accelerate some of our investments. We’re over £100 million in revenue and well over £50 million in profit. We have a lot of cash resources, so it was never really about our spending power; it was about our confidence and how fast we wanted to chase those opportunities, and we can really lean into them now.”

sources: OSRS official site (1, 2), GamesIndustry.biz

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