Albion Online details its plans for the upcoming faction war revamp

I'm in a gang of one.

War! What is it good for? Faction standing inĀ Albion Online, among other things. But there’s room to make that faction warfare system better all around, and that’s what the developers are aiming to do in the next major update to the system. There are four major points being addressed by the changes: making the system accessible and inclusive for all players, giving meaningful incentives for loyalty, motivating players to take part in the interesting large-scale battles, and supporting existing players still enjoying the current setup.

The biggest change will probably be the inclusion of non-lethal faction warfare in blue and yellow zones, allowing players to keep their items upon defeat even while red zones give increased rewards in exchange for the higher risk. Players will also have a step between enlisting with a faction and flagging for active combat, with players encouraged to stay enlisted even when not flagged. Check out the full rundown of the system changes on the official site, or get the whole thing helpfully digested in video format just below.

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