Pantheon Rise of the Fallen stream offers a look at early gathering and crafting gameplay


What’s a sandbox MMORPG without its gathering and crafting gameplay loops? Fans of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen have gotten their first taste of these essential gameplay elements in a recent developer stream, which took a pretty close look at the MMORPG’s base crafting and gathering systems.

The stream goes out of its way to point out that the system is currently operating at a fundamental level as the devs continue working on the underlying engine that creates items and rules that govern harvested items. That said, the devs also don’t want crafting to merely be about selling things to other players; they want it to be about making players feel as if they’re becoming a tradesperson.

As for the actual gameplay itself, the stream went on to showcase a character cooking items with the devs pointing out that individual ingredients will have their own stats that change the food items being made, while a look at mining noted that gameplay for gathering is very simple right now but the items gathered will need to be refined and smelted into usable materials. The stream also confirmed that materials from gathering nodes can produce better quality ores out of sheer luck or when in a dangerous area, talked up a rare material that can come from gathering known as Celestium Dust that can apply stats to raw materials, and also noted that players will get to customize their crafted equipment based on the ingredients put into it.

The stream then took a look at weapons crafting, which starts with players taking base schematics for pieces like sword blades and hilts, crafting those items, and putting them together. The schematic system is noteworthy here because there are rare versions of these schematics that allow players to create different styles of weapons. All of the pieces lock together to create customized and more powerful weapons overall.

In other Pantheon news, there was a roundtable discussion with Visionary Realms’ CEO Chris Rowan who, among other things, talked about the formation of the studio, the assurance that the game’s beta was going to be for testing and not for marketing, and the passing of Brad McQuaid and tech lead Kurt Habetler among other things. Both videos are embedded below.


source: YouTube (1, 2)

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Scorp Gang(@scorp_gang)
11 months ago

I like WoW style crafting. Not interested in another job in MMORPGs. I am there to save YOU with my heals. The dumber crafting is the better.

2Ton Gamer(@2ton_gamer)
11 months ago

I hope that people can see this for what it is, a minor step toward a crafting system. Judge once the system is more up to snuff, but definitely keep the constructive feedback going instead of just the meme quotes that you can see in any other game chat. I say this, not entirely sure we’ll ever see this game go live, but those thoughts have been posted elsewhere. Still though I am encouraged by seeing them show something besides Cohh running through a single polished zone.

11 months ago

Thanks for the coverage MOP team :)

I just wanted to comment quickly and dispel a misconception. Pantheon will have a gameplay interaction for crafting. It won’t simply be watching a timer tick down or click-to-create. The reason you didn’t see it in the stream is simply that it’s too early right now. We have to build out more of the system, including some UI, in order to support that gameplay before we can make it real.

Our focus right now is on getting all of the underlying code in place so that all of the underlying combinations of different ingredients and materials work properly. Once that’s done, we’ll layer in the gameplay on top of that. I can’t talk about what we have planned for gameplay yet, but I will say that I agree with all of the things that 7thRankedNoob mentioned in his comment below this one. The commitment I can make though is that we’re not going to do this halfway. We want crafting to really be a meaningful and engaging part of the game experience, and that includes the gameplay aspects of it.

Since I’m here, the other thing I want to mention is that we’re not building Pantheon just for “old school” players. Ultimately, Pantheon is about social cooperative gameplay in a rich and deep world. There are some things in the DNA of older games that made them much better social experiences for players, and we want to bring those things back – but we’re not stuck in the past, and we’re certainly not attempting to clone anything. That will hopefully become more clear as our gameplay continues to evolve, in all aspects.

As a team we welcome feedback and constructive criticism. We want Pantheon to be a game that many people can enjoy and while we have our own vision, we also know that we need to live up to the bar for the overall experience set by many games that have come before us.

Pantheon Design Lead for Crafting, Gathering, and Economy

11 months ago
Reply to  Nephele

That’s too bad. Those things were a pain in the tail when I did EQ2 and one of the reasons I couldn’t get into crafting there. On the other hand, there are some folks who want that sort of thing so this should be a better fit for them!

Oleg Chebeneev(@oleg_chebeneev)
11 months ago
Reply to  Crowe

+1. I didnt like how its done in EQ2. Looked complex and engaging in the beginning, then becomes repetative and annoying very fast.

Nephele, I recommend for you to look at combat system in mobile game Puzzle Quest. It is simple mini game but fun, never gets old, and has some degree of tactics involved. You can do something similar for crafting in Pantheon.

11 months ago

Hype factor decreased a great deal after this. this is 2000s design.

MMOs are NO LONGER just about combat. There are plenty of wack-a-mole crafting systems out there already (mindless bar progression). MMOs should have building, farming, fishing, social and a myriad of other systems to keep players interested.

If you are going to add crafting to your MMO in 2020+, PLEASE give crafters something to do while making their wares besides mindlessly staring at a bar. You need to have some type of mechanism to keep crafters from not falling asleep from boredom. …A mini game of some type like what Vanguard had (or EQ2, or FFXIV)… anything besides a “press button… make item” system.

If that’s all you are doing, why even bother? How do you want to describe your game’s crafting to people? “Look at our game’s crafting ! … its almost identical to that game’s!!” …. That kind of design doesn’t cut it anymore; at least, it shouldn’t.

Jo Watt(@jo_watt)
11 months ago
Reply to  7thRankedNoob

Guess you skipped the part about this being barebones and they are working on a more engaging system.

Tbh not all crafters want some drawn out mini game EVERY time they craft anything. Sure maybe at lower levels or when you are crafting a full item that would be ok. But do you really want some 30 second or so mini game to craft a bolt, then another, then a handle, then a blade, etc. I’d rather the final products be a mini game while the pieces are mass productions bar watching at most. Some people have things to do or little time to get a lot accomplished within a game each week.

11 months ago

Vaporware. By the time this game ever came out, original EQ fans like myself will be stuck on a corpse run in real life.

Robert Mann(@robert_mann)
11 months ago

Better than nothing, but… not really much better. The whole “Click to let bar move” crafting is older than the rime buried deep within the poles of this planet.

Can we get an MMO with a 21st century crafting system already? We’re 20 years in with nada.

Bruno Brito(@bruno_brito)
11 months ago
Reply to  Robert Mann

I’m with you but if people want this, Pantheon is NOT the game to look for. They advertise as a oldschool game.