RuneScape improves various teleportation methods and adds a Valentine’s Day-themed heist


It’s a new week in the world of Gielinor and that means it’s time for another weekly newsletter from RuneScape. This week, the Ninjas have attacked a number of teleportation methods in the game, with Fairy Rings getting better UI, the Big Book O’ Piracy, Enchanted Lyre, Mortania Legs, and Sceptre of the Gods each getting more charges, and the Varrock Armor now getting unlimited charges to travel to Bork’s Lair. The weekly patch notes have other fixes and improvements as well.

The other headlining feature in this week’s post is the arrival of a Valentine’s Day quest where players must help Caelyn steal a massive heart-shaped ruby from the Varrock Museum to give to Annette for the couple’s anniversary. While this quest has its roots as a Valentine’s-themed undertaking, it will be playable at any time of the year provided players meet the minimum requirements.


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