Black Desert Mobile gets the Archer and Fletcher next week, opens pre-creation today


Care to take your enemies out from a distance through some more conventional means in Black Desert Mobile? Then you’re ready to give the Archer class and its Awakened form the Fletcher a spin when both arrive in an update next week.

Despite both classes having similar-sounding names, they both operate entirely differently. The Archer wields an arm-mounted crossbow into battle, offering him greater mobility and making him one of the game’s fastest classes. The Fletcher, meanwhile, trades in a dinky little crossbow for a larger greatbow, offering up more powerful attacks like Divine Pierce and the ability to observe enemy movements using his Battlefield Watcher ability.

While these classes are due to arrive next week, players can get a headstart by pre-creating them now. Doing so will net players a gift box, and there are even a couple of contests where players can earn 1,000 Black Pearls, Appearance Coupons, and Chicken Soup. The in-game kind, sadly, not literal tins of tasty soup.

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Sarnaut Explorer

Dope. BDO, BDM, and Allods are my go to’s right now so having more stuffs to do is nice