Blizzard announces a Hearthstone ‘Classic’ mode

You aren't going anywhere for a while, right?

The biggest consumer drawback for collectable card games is that it’s a neverending chase of getting all of the latest usable cards before newer ones are added and older ones go obsolete. Well, that and the fact that each pack is a small lockbox in and of itself, but we won’t go there.

For players who feel like they don’t have the money or grinding time to keep up with Hearthstone’s meta, there’s now a newer and more affordable option on the way: Hearthstone Classic. Well, it’s a “Classic” mode, at least, that takes the game back to the core 235 cards and rules, and it should be coming to the game soon.

“The Classic format invites players to craft decks and compete using Hearthstone’s original 240 cards as they were in 2014, the year that Hearthstone launched,” Blizzard explained. “If you want to relive the old-school Hearthstone experience, Classic will be the place for you!”

This new game mode is part of an all-around reshuffling (sorry) of Hearthstone’s structure. The studio is unifying basic and classic cards into a Legacy set, introducing a new free Core set of 235 cards, and increasing deck slots from 18 to 27.

Source: Hearthstone
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