The first quadrant of EVE Online 2021, Reign, is live today with hefty fleet and travel updates


CCP Games has taken the wraps off EVE Online’s quadrant series for the year, beginning with the first one: Reign, the first chunk of which is live… now.

“Reign brings with it exciting new updates to fleets and travel, continuous balance and meta changes, plus returning events such as the Guardian’s Gala and The Hunt,” CCP says. “Fleet options in EVE will improve during the Reign Quadrant thanks to the Fleet Discovery update. Many more upcoming changes will soon see the light as the Quadrant progresses, as has been the case for all of EVE’s Quadrants so far.”

“One upcoming change will give Capsuleers more control over fleet formations and presence on the battlefield. For the curious, the Quadrant trailer is a solid starting point for theory crafters. The Reign Quadrant also kicks off with substantial improvements to jump tunnel animations, providing a more immersive sci-fi experience, with the regions you are travelling between now visually reflected in the tunnel itself! In addition, there are updates to how your home station is represented on the map, how it’s managed, with the price for changing its location removed, plus quality of life improvements throughout the Quadrant[.]”

As promised, patch notes for today’s update include the new travel animations and visuals, the new Fleet Up discovery tool, home station tweaks, multiple UI upgrades, and a big ol’ list of bug fixes.

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