MechWarrior Online teases winter patches with monthly missions and weapons balancing

Robot time.

At what point does opening up communication cross the line into repeating yourself? It’s possible that MechWarrior Online has hit that mark, or at least is pushing very close to that envelope, as a recent dev vlog breaks down several things that have been pointed out previously, albeit with a couple of release windows.

The video announced incoming updates like increased Cadet bonuses, removal of map time-of-day, and lowered C-Bill recruitment costs for units arriving with a patch on February 16th, while other planned adjustments like the first weapons pass, new player video tutorials, and the addition of monthly missions to earn a free ‘Mech that are due to arrive in a March patch. The video also talked about a number of feedback points that are being gathered by the devs, including suggestions for new ‘Mech variants, feedback on spawn points, ideas for new ‘Mech chassis, and some input about map design and weapon balance changes.

As we said, a lot of this has been mentioned before, but for those who are looking for a little more detail and some slightly refined timing, you can catch the full video below.

source: YouTube

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