Neverwinter’s Sharandar: The Iron Tooth has been delayed a week over the combat rework


Sharandar is not launching in Neverwinter today, I’m afraid. Last night, PWE announced that it’s postponing the first leg of the PC version of the multi-part expansion one week, to February 16th.

“Delaying releases is not a decision we take lightly,” the studio said. “Throughout the last several weeks we have been committed to addressing feedback to the combat rework and we continue to remain focused on this topic. In addition, recent graphic changes to our game engine have impacted console performance for Neverwinter. We will be using this extra week to ensure stability across all our platforms, including the dungeon/trial crashes.”

Gamers will recall that Neverwinter’s latest combat rework was received rather poorly by the playerbase, so if this delay helps PWE fix it, it’ll be a net positive.┬áSharandar: The Iron Tooth was expected to send players back into Sharandar itself, with a new social hub, new plot, a new endgame dungeon, and of course, retooled adventure zones. It doesn’t appear the console launch will be affected; that was previously slated for March 9th.

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