Path of Exile plans Ritual league improvements and fixes in a patch planned for this week


With all the moving parts going into a Path of Exile league challenge, it’s not surprising that some bits might not work as well as others. Fortunately, the development staff also has a long history of making progress on addressing bugs and issues pretty quickly, and thus it’s probably not a shock that another batch of fixes and improvements for the game’s Ritual league are already planned for a patch being released hopefully later this week.

Among the many fixes planned are corrections to bugs wherein you could lose the ability to access a ritual altar if the monsters summoned were defeated outside the ritual circle, a bug with certain monsters remaining stationary during ritual encounters, and the Spider Lair map boss sometimes disappearing. You can preview the full list of changes on the official site, although it’s possible that the final patch will differ somewhat from the initial preview.


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Bryan Correll

I propose that instead of an Auction House they implement a Consignment Shop. It would be functionally the same as most game AH’s, but..and this is important….it would have a different and more accurate name (most sales in in-game ‘auction’ houses don’t come from auctioning.) And with a different name when people complain that “ZOMG Auction houzes would ruin the game!” we can just say, “But it’s not an auction house. It’s a consignment shop.”


It’s perma SSF for current league or it’s nothing until retire / die whichever comes first. So the trade stuff although a valid complaint only is a non league / retired character issue for me. Why not just do an AH?

Kickstarter Donor

Fix the god-damned trade API already. And while they’re at it, give us a bloody currency AH at the very least.

I get it, we’re supposed to feel the WEIGHT of items and trade and whatnot but like…Chris, bro, I’m weighted down and my back hurts. I just wanna trade without having to fight with the website, hope I encounter bots that actually respond, or grossly overpay for an item/currency just to make sure I get a quick response.


Dug From The Earth

After all these years the fact that the trade api is so basic and exploitable, is almost like they are giving players the middle finger.

Same goes for other elements in the game such as the Looking for group interface. Way too easily used for people who are doing trades and selling for real money, rather than actually people looking to group up with each other. Way too easy to see “Starting Act 2” with the leader standing in town, only to join and find out that they arent “starting” and are half way through Act 2.

Then there is the chat UI. Cant change colors, create new tabs, move it, and you are stuck using those stupid symbols like # and % to chat to specific channels. You are only given 2 font sizes. Normal and Large.

How the core game could advance so much, but so much of the games interface be still dated back in 2004, is just kinda unacceptable.

D3 has shown that an AH in a game like this is a bad thing… but damn… im so sick of:

instead, assuming the can fix their Trade API, they should allow players to have a “shop” in their hideout…

— You go to the trade website, find the item you want, from the person you want. Click “View shop” which copies a command into your clipboard.
— Go back to the game, paste that command into the new social trade UI.
— It teleports you to that players Hideout where you can interact with their trade shop/npc/whatever, and buy anything they have listed, including the item you wanted for the prices they have set.

This would remove the need for that player to respond to your request, or not be afk, and would remove their ability to actively try to scam you.

Kickstarter Donor

D3 wasn’t even an example of the AH being inherently bad, IMO. It was bad, but mostly because of the implementation of it – both RMAH and gold AH, with gold functionally having no meaningful purpose at launch so not really allowing for much of an economy, terrible item design and messed up drop rates that made even attempting to find stuff difficult (discussed in their GDC talk) etc. etc.

It was because D3 was a deeply flawed game and the AH was a megaphone to amplify those flaws.

POE is much more sound in its item/crafting economy, even after all these years and with dozens of new currencies added. Since they’re all frequently removed from the economy by crafting, it keeps things from spinning into hyperinflation mode (though can dramatically alter the value of some currencies from league to league) and while there would definitely be instability and craziness in the economy when it is first rolled out it’d settle eventually.

There’s already a functioning, though seemingly lacking, AH on the Chinese realms, though it lacks some of the more specific search functions for mods from what I can see. It even allows you to currency split and everything when buying and has its own dedicated UI window you can use from your hide. Granted it’s highlighting the absolute failure of the search feature in keeping up with changes to the game…but that’s a separate ball of wax.

I just hate that I’m to the point now where I actively hope the person I’m messaging for an item/currency is a bot. Because those trade interactions are far superior to my interactions with living human beings : |

Axetwin .

BuT dIaBlO 3!1! nO aUcTiOn HoUsE!1!!