PlanetSide 2’s Outfit Wars 2.0 officially goes live with the latest PC update


It’s time for Outfits to fight it out and find out which is better in PlanetSide 2 thanks to the latest PC update, which has finally launched the much-ballyhooed Outfit Wars 2.0 feature.

For those who haven’t been following along, Outfit Wars is a tournament-style showdown where teams from each empire fight for control over ancient Vanu relics. Each team earns placement based on how well it performs, ultimately resulting in a showdown between the top Outfits at the end of the cycle. These tourneys are played out on Desolation, a map that houses three teams of 48, while each side has 20 minutes to prepare and a final objective of scoring 750 points to win. Naturally, there are a variety of rewards available to earn based on an Outfit’s placement.

The current Outfit Wars season is being called Alpha Cycle 03 and will run between February 10th and March 27th. After that, the first “regular” season of Outfit Wars will begin, with each season operating at a “predictable” cadence. Alpha Cycle 03 will run for six rounds, but regular seasons will run for 10 rounds.

The update has also introduced other features such as a Valentine’s Day event between now and February 14th that features Matchmaker Missions, a seasonal Directive, returning seasonal camos, and bundles to purchase for DBC. The update has also introduced fixes for several reported issues and applied server-related performance improvements according to lead designer and co-producer Michael “Wrel” Henderson, who readers will recall is one of the devs who took over for former boss Andy Sites three weeks ago; by all accounts, the multiplayer shooter appears to be moving forward after that event.


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