The Daily Grind: Do you binge-play MMOs?

This big reveal worked out super great.

One of the things I very much do not like about being an adult with responsibilities is how it shapes my MMO time. It’s not so much that it caps how much time I get to play overall, just that it pushes me into smaller blocks at certain less-than-ideal hours. And personally, I would rather binge play. It’s just what I prefer: I would rather play for a whole dang day and then not play much at all for a while. Having only little chunks just changes what you can do, and it rudely punctuates and splits apart my buzz of being in the MMO zone.

How about you? Do you binge-play MMOs? Do you play a little every day or prefer big long spans on whatever the “weekend” of your life happens to be?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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I try to grab an hour or so every evening. Obviously, more time available during lockdown so get a few hours in over the weekend as well. Still not long enough for raiding or anything like that.


I too have smaller, more spaced out, chunks of available time to play these days. I will play for a whole day (with frequent breaks) if I get the chance once in awhile, and it’s nice.

Normally when I’m playing single player games or online shooters, I’ll have a stable of three to five games I go back and forth with a lot, but when I get hooked on an MMO, it’s one game for months and months.

Turing fail
Turing fail

If we had kids I’d be guilty of neglect- so yes, I binge from sunrise to sunset to sunrise… Fortunately we’re both gamers in our household, so divorce isn’t a concern- at least not because of marathon gaming sessions.

Working from home due to The Plague lets me indulge even more, since my job is focused on solving other people’s problems, chores episodic in nature vs. assembly line non-stop fun. So long as I fix more bad news items than making things worse, I get paid. Don’t get me wrong, when there’s work to do I’m on it, priority one.

That being said, during work hours I play games that can be paused vs. PvP no-saves-for-you endeavors like EVE. Don’t want to lose expensive items listening to a client’s stupid problem.

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I have for sure in the past. But sadly not in the last couple of years as most of what has come out MMO-wise has been garbage intended not for fun but milking us of every dime we have.

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Brazen Bondar

In pre-COVID times due to my work/travel schedule, I only had 2-3 hours to play 4x a week. Now that I have regained three days of my life due to working from home, I log in every day, but still only “play” 4 days a week. I thought I would play more, but I haven’t. That might be because I don’t have anything really interesting to play. Looking forward to a new game where I can hunker down on a Saturday evening and play until my eyes are bleary.


Well, only MMO i’ve played for any length of time in the last 8 years is WAR RoR. With that, I generally play 2-4 hours a night for 2-3 weeks, then put it down again for months.

Sadly, no other MMOs have been worth my time these last 8 years.

Before that, MMOs were a very regular thing. Generally speaking, 7:30pm – 11pm was MMO time. I’d start after dinner, play during peak time, then log off to chill for an hour before bed.

As an endgame and community focused player, this regularity allowed me to experience what I wanted. I could get groups for raiding, PvP was at it’s most active, and server events were run during this time period. I liked the regularity of it, and I had a guild full of people with the same sort of schedule. As long as I remembered to have 2 or 3 nights a week not gaming, I could keep a relatively balanced life.


Nope. I tend to play one game as a main game, but mix in a number of others to keep things fresh. When doing new content for the first experience on a character, that game will get more play, but once it is alt character time . . . well then other games come into play more.

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I tend to binge on my entertainment in general. I’ll heavily get into something and then drop it altogether. It’s less often that I’ll sprinkle in various pieces of entertainment.

Jon Wax

when something really good comes out ill go hard in the paint for a few weeks or so till it mellows but that’s like once every 5 years or so now.

usually it’s like… occasionally ill go to a resturaunt to confirm their stuff sucks and walk away feeling vindicated. or ill see some new spot and check it out and say it was ok but nothing to go back for twice a week even if the reviews say it’s the best in town. and once in a while ill want something specific, like a banh mi sandwich and try the local version and think “that can’t really be the same as the real thing”…

gaming is a lot like that now.


I usually play in bursts and then burn out temporarily and go play something else or nothing at all.