Ashes of Creation provides a preview of the tank archetype arriving to alpha

Tanks for the memories

What’s an MMORPG without a good tank? Probably one that doesn’t lean on the crutch of the Holy Trinity class design, actually. Ashes of Creation, however, will have tanks and it provided a look at the tank archetype in a recent Alpha One preview.

As one would expect, the tank archetype is all about using a variety of skills that provide stingy defense, attack multiple foes in cones or AoEs, or draw them in, all while generating threat. In short, the AOC tank is all about mitigating incoming damage and determining who stands in the line of fire. The post not only offers a breakdown of several tank abilities but also shares a video of the tank in action in Alpha One, which we’ve got embedded at the end of the story.

In other AOC news, the devs at Intrepid Studios have released their January recap newsletter, condensing all of the past month’s major updates including the last dev livestream, the update letter from Steven Sharif, and a 4K look at the game’s tropical biome.


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Ben Stone(@ben_stone)
11 months ago

Spell effects look good, but animations definitely need more work.

11 months ago

Looks ok. Animations and spell effects definitely look unfinished, but they have plenty of time to improve this since this game is still in Alpha. And it already looks much better in Alpha than some other games which are also in development and which look like utter shit despite developers of those games calling their testing stage a “Beta”.

11 months ago
Reply to  Rndomuser


11 months ago
Reply to  ForsetiGod

The names of what, other games in beta which look worse? Sure, one of them is Crowfall – it is in beta and while it does have a different art style it still doesn’t change that the spells/animations and overall graphical fidelity looks pretty poor (at least to me). You can find plenty of videos of Crowfall on YouTube, people are allowed to upload the gameplay of the current beta. Their official Beta trailer for the start of Beta which shows some gameplay is here:

The other one is Camelot Unchained. It is in beta and it also looks much worse, at least in my opinion (which everyone is always free to disagree with). You won’t find the user uploaded videos but here is the latest example of Camelot Unchained’s gameplay from official YouTube channel:

Notice the grass surface in this Camelot Unchained video outside of the keep. Then compare it to grass surface (the color and the density) in the Ashes of Creation video. It looks so poor that CSE even disabled comments and ratings for this video (which is something that neither Crowfall nor Ashes of Creation developers do). Same goes for lighting, the reflections, the level of detail of armor and character animations.