Black Desert patches in defense icons and a new event to praise the sun

Sun's out guns out.

It can be a bit tricky sometimes to remember exactly how various defensive abilities work inĀ Black Desert from time to time. Does this particular skill make you actually invulnerable (taking no damage and immune to all crowd control effects), or does it just give you super armor (still taking damage, but immune to crowd control effects)? The newest patch adds in an optional set of visual icons to help you immediately know what effects you or opponents in the Battle Arena have running at any given time. No more whiffing stuns needlessly!

The new patch also contains a new event for players to participate in, giving you a chance to assemble Echoes of the Sun to summon dangerous opponents and slay them for valuable rewards. And that’s just the main event running at the moment; catch up on all of the events on the official site, as well as giving you a quick rundown of the various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements from the latest patch.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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