Wizard101 assures players it is ‘still KingsIsle’ after acquisition and outlines a PvP hotfix


It’s a tale as old as time by now: MMO studio is acquired, MMO studio issues a stated commitment that nothing in the game’s day-to-day is changing. So it goes with Wizard101 as the February bulletin post offers a statement of reassurance that the game will continue on as normal following the buyout of KingsIsle by the company that owns Gamigo.

“First of all, let me assure you that the friendly faces that you’ve come to know and love aren’t changing and we’re full steam ahead on the next updates and laying the foundation for the year to come. […] We’re still here, we’re still KingsIsle, and we’re not planning on slowing down.”

On the subject of updates, the bulletin further discusses some hotfix changes made to PvP, which affect crit and block chance, Shadow Pip RNG, and opt out prompts. Further information on the hotfix is outlined in the patch notes.


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“Everything will continue business as usual.”
-Every company following a buyout