ArcheAge Unchained just launched two new ArchePasses, including one with no end date


Gonna be honest, ArcheAge Unchained’s business model has flipped and scooched so many times now that I can’t even keep track of it – but let’s try anyway.

The Oskmir ArchePass rolled out on January 14th in tandem with the game’s eighth season. That one doesn’t end until March 11th. But today, the Sunflower Pass has launched, and it’ll run through April 8th. Why is it called that? There’s an Enhanced Sunflower Magithopter at the top of the premium track. Of course, that one requires the 1500-credit upgrade ticket from the market.

Also today, Gamigo has launched the Darugon Pass, and it never ends at all.

“This ArchePass has 40 tiers for both Basic and Premium paths and is overflowing with rewards. This Advanced ArchePass does not have an end date and will exist alongside both the Monthly and Basic ArchePass. You can unlock the Premium Track of this ArchePass by using the Advanced ArchePass Upgrade Ticket for 3,000 Credits and take to the sky on a Darugon of your very own!”

So by our count, ArcheAge Unchained is now running three simultaneous buyable passes. This is the simple version of Archeage. Have fun.

Source: ArcheAge

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Bruno Brito

This is the simple version of Archeage. Have fun.