Valentine’s Day arrives in Skyforge, EverQuest II, GTAO, PlanetSide 2, and Runes of Magic


The Valentine’s Day MMO events are piling up in our newsroom like all the candy wrappers piling up in our garbage… actually let’s just get to the news.

Skyforge: The Mysteries of Love event is now live with three quests you can complete in exchange for Rose Quartz, which you’ll be turning in for companions, wings, masks, and more.

EverQuest II: Daybreak’s finally pushed out EQII’s Erollisi Day 2021, following in its older brother’s footsteps. Through February 23rd, there’s a new quest, achievement, and collection attached to the annual festivities.

GTA Online: Yes, even the kids in Los Santos celebrate lovey-dovey day, with “notes of perfume mixed in with the usual air pollution, fumes, and gunpowder.” Expect bonuses in the Till Death Do Us Part and Shotgun Wedding modes. Oh yeah, and free champagne at all the nightclubs in town.

Runes of Magic: In Runes of Magic, make sure you check your mail for a letter from a secret admirer, enjoy the experience boosts, and undertake the Mysterious Auras dungeon challenge.

PlanetSide 2: Finally, it’s matchmaking season in PS2. Groan, yes, OK, but it’s a sweet gun.

“Old friend FL-34 has a scheme in mind for capitalizing on this most passionate of holiday seasons, and he’s willing to offer valuable rewards and Directive progress to advance his objectives. Daily “Matchmaker” missions will be available from Tuesday, February 9 through Monday, February 15 from the disreputable data broker, and he’s willing to offer generous compensation to see his plans through. In addition, players who complete the Valentine’s Day Directive will receive the Matchmaker character title, and a whole host of lovely Valentine’s Day items (like the AM7-XOXO) will be available from the Depot throughout the duration of the event.”

We’re chronicling even more V-day events as they pop up right here!


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Warframe started today their Star Days event with Ticker