An Ashes of Creation player built a card game based on the MMO for the whole community


File this one under “extremely awesome things MMO players did”: One Ashes of Creation player has created an entire card game based on the upcoming MMO and released it for the entire community to use.

MMO gamer Lashing points out that the game isn’t fully complete yet as it’s just a hobby, but it’s still pretty dang amazing. “The game contains leveling Nodes, Corruption, Caravans, Resource management, all 64 Class cards, and more. If there is interest I will finish the art when we get access to more information and art,” he writes. “It is heavily inspired by Magic the Gathering so a lot of the core concepts will be familiar.”

“The Objective of the game is to gather and transfer materials to the node to upgrade it fully. You may also decide to destroy the enemy node by attacking it directly. If you succeed in your attack you win the game. As the node receives materials, it is upgraded. The node has 6 stages. Upon reaching stage 6 you win the game. The node can be attacked so be sure to have some defenders ready to intercept. There is 4 node types to build a deck around. The node tentatively has 30 Health. It currently takes 40 Materials to fully upgrade the node to win. To transfer materials to the node you use a Caravan. A Caravan is vulnerable to attack while traveling.”

Have a look through the docs and everything Lashing uploaded for the playerbase – even unfinished as he says, it’s still impressive work!


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11 months ago

Hrrm, I’m thinking Steven might actually not be happy with this.

Most developers are quite protective of their IP and would not sanction it’s use to create another game regardless of sub genre or if being given away for free.

Totally violates this clause against creating derivative works from the Ashes TOS

“You may not modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce (except for one archival and backup copy as permitted by applicable laws), publish, license, create derivative works from, adapt, translate, sublicense, auction, rent, lease or sell all or any part of the Platform, Services, or Game”

I’m even thinking unless MassivelyOP knows the studio has approved this work it probably shouldn’t be shared here, much as they don’t promote pirate servers of still active games.

11 months ago

The studio seems to have given it some amount of approval, it was featured in an official fan art Friday from Intrepid, and the community manager LieutenantToast posted “I am so glad to see you got this posted up” in its thread in the community section of the forums .

11 months ago

That’s pretty cool. Steven Sharif must be doing many things right for such people to be inspired to the point of creating their own games based on his game. This is just yet another indicator that AoC will most likely be a pretty popular game, at least at the beginning.