Century Age of Ashes delays early access, plans second beta following player feedback


Century: Age of Ashes popped up almost outta nowhere last month with its closed beta, boasting a dragon-centric aerial PvP mode. MOP’s own Not So Massively columnist Tyler poked his nose into the game already and found it to be a surprisingly good time, in spite of the early state of the game and the pure PvP content.

The success of the first beta and feedback has apparently let developer Playwing to delay the early access launch, originally planned for February, into April. In the mean time, the devs will run a second closed beta from March 12th to 21st. That’ll include what sounds like a test version of the cosmetic cash shop, matchmaking, tweaks to the Gates of Fire mode, a penalty system for leavers, leaderboards, rebalancing for the progression system, improved ping and controls, sound tweaks, and best of all, new modes. Those consist of a rookie mode for toons up to level 10, a skirmish mode (3v3 best-of-five), and a free-flight mode so you can scope out the controls against a bot before diving into the real game.

“We’re a small team and we want Century to launch in Early Access in the best state possible,” Playwing says.

Source: Press release, Steam

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