Magic Legends casts hype spell for next month’s open beta


Things are starting to move faster and faster over at Magic Legends, as Cryptic’s upcoming multiplayer title will conjure up an open beta next month on March 23rd. The studio announced this week that the beta will be available both on Cryptic’s own Arc platform and through the Epic Game Store. Sign-ups are now available as well.

“Take on the role of a powerful, spell-slinging Planeswalker, strategically build a deck from over 170 spells, and control the chaos of combat across three planes of the Magic multiverse,” Cryptic said. “For the first two weeks of open beta, Epic users who login will get a free character costume, creature skin, and two boosts!”

Check out some spiffy screenshots and the beta trailer below!

Source: Twitter

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Richard de Leon III

I’ll have the popcorn ready when this game comes out. I just dont see it being passable with the potential for cash shop idiocy. After NW I just dont have hope the monetization will be fair or at least manageable over the life of the game. To be fair I’ve gotten used to STO’s cash shop, but only because you dont have to spend money to progress via the upgrades, and everything else is just cosmetic. Now that might change when they add in t7 ships but at least content is doable with t5 ships with proper upgraded gear.


I’m going to be honest, I was absolutely disappointed by this game at the start. Was hoping it’s be something akin to a Western BDO in terms of gameplay and visuals (with less anime, I mean. Western style “Nothing says wastelands like brown, black, and sepia tones.”

Instead we got something like a Lost Ark: Barely MtG Edition for the hardcore kiddies to P2W to the end.

However, the game looks pretty good. Had they announced this without the promise of it being an MMO, still suck, but I would have been more interested than I am now.

Also, F Epic and their practices, seriously. At this point, it’s not just a meme or a joke, it’s just embarrassing. Worst part is people are just going to eat this up to continue to path.


Did you skip reading: “… will be available both on Cryptic’s own Arc platform AND through the Epic Game Store” ?


Did you see the Epic Exclusive skins and cosmetics in the trailer?

Hikari Kenzaki

While I’m one of the first to say I don’t get any games, even free ones, from EGS, exclusive skins based on where you buy a game is hardly new to Epic. It was even more prevalent in the brick and mortar days.

To date, no game has been lure enough to draw me to EGS.