RuneScape offers another update on its ongoing player avatar refresh project


The devs of RuneScape are very hard at work making very pretty avatars for players. Readers will recall that this was first outlined in a developer livestream earlier this month, and now the devs have taken to updating via dev blog, providing a current progress report as well as an outline of previous work.

The post once again reiterates the intention of this visual refresh — to get players to better connect with their character — as well as provides a workflow chart that states work on this refresh is at the closing stages of its proof of concept phase; the next phases will be production and delivery.

The post further went into details about lighting, new blacksmithing outfits, and better textures, and also addressed several tweaks that are being made thanks to player feedback like reduced the width of male avatar shoulders, improved female avatar body types, and more balanced hand sizes.

Finally, the post promises another livestream all about the refresh project on Tuesday, February 23rd, which will offer a look at the proposed final male and female body types, final blacksmith outfits, and progress reports on hairstyles and additional outfits.


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