Skyforge launches a Mechanoid Invasion for Switch players


Welcome to Skyforge, Nintendo Switch fans! You’ll notice a whole lot of immortal deities around you, that’s totally normal. Bit of a lack in anti-aliasing, perfectly normal. Screams of normal citizens and gigantic explosions rocking the nearby city as armies swoop in from the sky and seek to conquer the planet? Also totally normal, actually, this sort of thing happens all the time. Welcome to your first Mechanoid Invasion, folks. These invasions happen a lot; there’s even a whole trailer for them just below.

Naturally, player characters will be tasked with repulsing this invasion, since otherwise it’d be a pretty lame event if someone else would take care of everything. In addition to gear rewards, players can also get a new outfit for taking part as well as a variety of other useful items. So if you’ve been enjoying your time in the game on your console so far, it’s time to get in and fight back against the invading mechanical forces. (And good on you if you are, as our first-hand accounts of the game has it being kind of a mess on the Switch.)

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