Valentine’s Day begins in Star Citizen, SWG Legends, DAOC, and more


OK, MMOs, we get it, you have chocolate and pink stuff and hearts. This is the last one of these roundups I’m doing this year, I promise. All these games have to do is stop announcing them! I kid, mostly. New content and events are fun.

  • Star Citizen is celebrating Valentine’s Day – I mean, Coramor. Coramor. “Anything for my Coramor.” I’m sobbing.
  • Dark Age of Camelot actually has quite a nice love day event with multiple quests, including some that go all the way back to the old days of the game.
  • MapleStory is offering themed missions for loot you can turn in for everything from a Love Mouse Hat to a Moon Roller mount.
  • Saint’s Bond has arrived in Dauntless as promised!
  • Mabinogi is promising sweet daily rewards for heart day. Also, there’s a very important vote in which you must participate.
  • Secret World Legends’ Valentine’s Day event is live and has actually been extended into March, so no rush there.
  • RuneScape’s Heartstealer events are live again – video below.
  • And finally, the most horrific Valentine’s Day event of all, the Ewok Festival of Love, has returned to the Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers, including SWG Legends, which as usual offers its own twist on the old event. (The rest of the patch is still good, though!)

More V-day events we’ve covered previously!

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