Warframe offers a brief look at upcoming updates and events arriving this spring


Where I live, we’re still under the frosty heel of winter and probably won’t see spring until sometime in mid-April if we’re lucky. As for the world of Warframe, spring is coming soon, bringing with it several content updates that were outlined in a quick sizzle reel.

The video touts the Call of the Tempestarii update that’s arriving soon™, as well as the upcoming Prime version of Octavia on February 23rd, the ongoing Star Days event that runs between now and February 24th, and the upcoming Lunar New Year event happening between February 16th and March 5th. The video also promises that the game’s upcoming eighth anniversary will bring some of the “best rewards yet.”

It’s an overall pretty quick but informative look at what’s coming this spring season and it’s right after the break.

source: YouTube

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