EVE Online spotlights Reign, the return of Guardian’s Gala, and quality-of-life features


EVE Online has released the first episode of its video news digest series, The Pulse, of 2021, once again bundling together some of the most recent happenings in the space sandbox in one place. Naturally, the video kicked off by touting the the release of Reign, with particular spotlighting of the Fleet Discovery feature, as well as details for the return of the Guardian’s Gala event, which once more has login rewards, improved PvP loot drops, and other goodies to reap.

The video also offered a few highlights of quality-of-life features such as more visually interesting jump tunnel animations, some new benefits for systems that are assigned as home systems, the ability to delete entries from the history of edit fields, better booster duration readability, and more information about effective module attributes. Finally, the video closes out with some merch details including new ship models from Mixed Dimensions and some offers in the in-game store. The full video is after the break.

source: YouTube

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