Obituary: Guild Wars 2 composer Stan LePard passes away


It’s a sad way to start a week with the announcement of the loss of one of Guild Wars 2’s musical talents, indeed. Both ArenaNet and games composer Maclaine Diemer shared the news that colleague Stan LePard recently passed away.

“Knowing him helped shape and change the course of my life and my music,” said Diemer. “He was a big part of my work for Guild Wars 2, in addition to his own musical contributions to the game.”

According to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, LePard’s “work in Guild Wars 2 mostly involved creating musical pieces, under the musical direction of Maclaine Diemer and Chris Burgess, for the major updates, such as the Shadow of the Mad King, The Lost Shores and Wintersday […] He was a producer of three Metal Legion songs in Prologue: Bound by Blood.”

LePard also created music for the Halo series, Age of Empires III, Crimson Skies, Age of Mythology, and Windows 98.

Massively OP sends its sympathy to LePard’s family and coworkers.


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